(F. Icksan & R.Yoewono)


Marsella Safira Farhat – Vocals

Dennis Simanungkalit – Vocal arrangements


We don’t need to speak our names, and our

things that float in between. Let me haze

over by your side. Under your wings as king

and queen. We dance the shadow of these

lonely pines. And tonight we follow the

rhythm of this howling wolf.


We sing a song of our midnight glamour.

Our eyes illuminate in high and low. I set the

fire on the black hole’s gate. To keep us

holding on until day light breaks. We are the

stealer of the stars tonight, and silently we

sing the echoes of this crying wolf.


Under the crescent shades, we hide, dance

and sing, and widely awake. Rovers of the

mountain forgotten away. We hold the

lights of the silent nights. Time goes by for

these owl and wolf.


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